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Paris for Autumn/Winter 2013

Ah how we love paris!

Any opportunity to get onto the Eurostar and meet our beautiful neighbours suits us.

Paris Fashion Week and we can think of no better place to be. xoxo

The nicest showroom at Alice + Olivia

can't wait to get started




this dress...YES!

this iphone cover...DEFINITELY!


everyone needs a Zebra in their life...

...and warm furry ear muffs


We shall wait patiently for these beauties and enjoy Summer looking forward to September


We even managed a spot of sight seeing. Until next season ~ au revoir Paris xoxo



Satisfy your colour cravings at Pipa


After what seems like a long, colourless Winter, there is nothing we look forward to more than the cheerful brightness of Alice and Olivia's new sweet, tweed and shocking pink jacket - which will be sure to make ALL the boys wink this Spring. 

This boxy and Chanel-type-look-a-like has a rich pink frill and trimmed edging that gives this brightly coloured topper a classic look, while also keeping it young, fresh and seriously cool - what more could a girl want?


Light up

At Pipa, we just love to keep you all inspired and....well.... who doesn't love the excuse to light up candles? 

These beautifully hand-made candles are now for sale and they are our latest obsession.They make gorgeous little gifts and can be used to create a cosy and uplifting ambience in the home.

The colours are popping with purity and freshness - just looking at them make us instantly want a jar-full!

Written by Lucie Davis — February 01, 2013

50 shades of intense richness

Excuse the title but here at Pipa we just can't help but fall in love with our new season's zingy-shaded rail . 

The shop is now currently bursting with colour! We have never seen so many tempting tones before and we are just dying to have one of our blushy-coloured tees to match our annoyingly rosy-winter cheeks. 

Written by Lucie Davis — February 01, 2013


Dear 2012, 

What an amazing and unforgettable year you have been! We are so incredibly grateful for so many things that you have brought us...


We have one more teeny weeny favour to ask you (and we would be ever so thankful if you did it for us!)

Pretty please, could you do it?! We promise we have been good!


It's our wishlist for 2013:

(And should you need any last minute inspiration, here is a lovely list of the new selection of goodies we like from Pipa...)

1) Some nail art pens to add some colour and quirkiness into our lives (and this beautiful dazzling ring too!)


2) This teacup/candle, who knew you could have two in one? Genius!


3) And finally...Kristina's cool style and fashionable up-do!


We will be on our best behaviour! And we are always so appreciative (so no pressure or anything!)

Thank you again 2012 and farewell...

and....HELLO 2013!


Written by Lucie Davis — December 30, 2012



We love Christmas

time for mulled wine and mince pies

for snowflakes and candles

for christmas trees and presents

for telling our loved ones how much we love them...

Written by Pipa Boutique — December 14, 2012


 A recent trip to Denmark led us to a fantastic little street, Norrebro in Copenhagen. This street has had a complete makeover with some lovely independent cafes and boutiques in the basements.

We ate at this great restaurant http://manfreds.dk/en ( also on the same street) which was started by one of the chefs of world renowned "Noma" 

Very cosy in the basement or "kaelder" in Danish

A very organised kitchen... Nordic style!

This lovely shop below on the same street

Some of the tableware at Manfreds is from the shop on the street.... love that!

Can't wait to go back and try their other place 'Relae"

Absolutely Notting Hill Magazine

 This thursday the Pipa girls were invited to celebrate Absolutely Notting Hill magazine's first birthday

It turned out to be a fabulous night and now we are ready for the party season to begin.

Written by Pipa Boutique — October 26, 2012

Sophie at work


Our lovely Sophie busy helping pick just the right piece.

Sophie's always running around putting things in place and adding her lovely touches to the shop floor.

This is how the stock room looks when Sophie's been around!

Tatler... take a moment and enjoy!


How beautiful is this cover for Tatler? We are loving the colours and not to mention the subject as well!