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At Pipa, our autumn accessories and winter jackets are coming thick, quick and super-slick!

Here is some epic furry-fall and winter-wonderous inspiration for you all...



This Charlotte and Simone hooded-accent is like giving your old teddy bear a big, warm hug... It's super glamorous and certainly beats chilly London!




Keep nice and toasty whilst taking a rustled underfoot walk in this boxy humanoid jacket.



Or how about going on a spontaneous (and very stylish) rain ride in our new 'Unreal fur' coats. They have everything that a classic vintage piece would have and they give real fur the flick, so we can be oh-so fashionable and totally guilt-free!


We wish you all a very happy (and warm) weekend!


Love the Pipa girls



Written by Lucie Davis — October 20, 2013

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