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Summer is on it's way people! 

The sun is starting to creep it's way through those familiar grey London clouds...

In fact with all this warm weather, at Pipa we are feeling slightly parched...aren't you? 

And what better way to serve some summertime drinks than in these new-in, vintage-coloured glasses. 

We love the tranquil blues and whites - so so gorgeous, fresh and cool.

These glasses are another favourite of ours - their little turquoise dimples are so heart-warming as they smile at us in all their glory.

Glasses at Pipa make for some unusual and super stylish gifts. They are unique for the home and are great for hosting one of Jay Gatsby's famous classy and glamorous parties.

Wouldn't you agree?

Cheers to that!

Written by Lucie Davis — May 28, 2013

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