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At Pipa, we are pretending that it is already Easter...


Now, because Spring is a time for renewal and change - we've made a few small adjustments...notice anything different?


Yes that's right - our cabinets have hopped from that wooden walnut finish into a stream of wondrous whites. 

We've been so pumped for this season's new arrivals...Let us inspire you with some of our exciting Easter fashion picks:

Go green with some grassy-tinged, glamorous goods

Flow into London's (soon-to-be) sunlit streets with Mes Demoiselles

Or splash into the new season with MiH jeans


We could go on and on, but to sum up: So far so chic at Pipa,


And we hope to see you all soon in our countdown for scenic Spring chicks! 


Lots of love,


The Pipa girls 



Written by Pipa Boutique — February 23, 2014

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